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Curtain side semitrailer

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The Grunwald plant was the first in Russia who started serial production of curtain side semitrailers. From all kinds of tilt semitrailers curtain side is the most optimal for the carriage of commercial cargos on Russian territory. It ensures cargo safety and time savings when loading and unloading.


  • designed jointly with German technicians
  • reinforced frame design
  • side members made of Swedish high-alloy steel are welded from both sides and keep elasticity at low temperatures
  • we install the superstructure SUER
  • aluminium sides, rear and front portal, gate of special design, sliding roof and separately the side walls
  • welding is fulfilled only by Swedish and Finnish equipment in the argon atmosphere that makes the welded joint to be resistant to low temperatures
  • painting is coated according to С4 ISO 12944 category for severe climatic conditions



Welded frame of longitudinal side members and cross members, the frame height at the front with a flooring is 155 mm. The outer frame profile is intended for tilt fastening and has the brackets for cargo fastening and fixing. Aluminium drop sides, 600 mm high (or without sides), three pairs of detachable pillars.  Forward sliding roof. Rear safety bar according to UNECE Regulation No.58.01, two side underrun guards according to UNECE Regulation No. 58.01, two side underrun guards according to UNECE Regulation No.73.00. Mechanical two-speed landing gear.


BPW pneumatic suspension with ability of platform raising and lowering, axles of BPW company of Heavy Duty version, special reinforced design of axles, springs, shock-absorbers and air bellows for Russian road conditions, the second axle is equipped by EBS sensors (ABS). Installation of the first axle lifting device is possible.


7 wheels (including spare one) with wheel disks 22,5х11,75

STANDARD specification – tires 385/65R22,5

A system of telematics T-Control is installed at all semitrailers in the configuration with BPW Axles. The system is able to track the location of a semitrailer, axle loads, speed, mileage, brake system, the status of the cable EBS.


Pneumatic, dual-line with  BPW or WABCO pneumatic valves, brakes of drum or disk type, EBS, ABS – antilock brake system, diaphragm brake chambers, semi-automatic spring-actuated parking brake system for the brakes of the second and third axles, combined release valve. Without connecting cables with the tractor.


Two-wire system, 24 V operating voltage, explosion-proof design, rear five-chamber lights with integrated trigonal reflector, 2 licence plate lights, 10 side position lights, 2 front position lights. Without connecting cables with the tractor.


The painting is carried out according to the technology of the European manufacturers of truck tractors by means of the industrial-class equipment with high quality painting materials. All the other steel parts undergo shot-blasting treatment and are coated by primer before painting. Paint coating thickness is 200 micron that corresponds to С4 ISO 12944 category for severe climatic conditions. Side protector is made of anodized aluminium shape of silver colour, wheel disks are silver-colored.


  • 2 wheel chocks with holders;
  • 2 rear rubber bump stops;
  • 2 front and 2 rear half mudguards;
  • cradle for two spare wheels, holder for one spare wheel;
  • tool box with a lock;



  • Height increase of the fifth wheel (max. up to 1406 mm).
  • Installation of the specific component parts
  • Installation of pallet box of different dimensions
  • Installation of the front lift axle
  • Additional strengthening of the structure
  • Special color design



Grunwald semitrailers are certified by Committee of the Russian Federation for Standardization, Metrology and Certification in accordance with the latest UNECE Regulations.


Warranty period for a semitrailer is 12 month from the date of its sale, for axles – 36 months. Provided EBS system of BPW company be installed, the warranty for the axles is extended up to 5 years.