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Curtain sided semitrailer Gr-CSSt MARATHONER

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Experts of Grunwald were one of the first in Russia, who has started the development and production of curtain sided semitrailers, as the most versatile and practical instrument of commercial traffic. Rich experience of production and operation of this kind of semitrailers was gained over this years. A significant backlog of technical solutions and developments was created. High engineering potential of the company was realized in the project of the new curtain sided
semitrailer Gr-CSSt "MARATHONER" with significantly higher performance characteristics, fully complying with European standards to semitrailers of premium class.

Parameter Value
  Vehicle category  O4 standart
  Permissible gross weight  38 000 kg
  Axle load  27 000 kg
  Fifth wheel load  11 000 kg
  Fifth wheel height  1 150 mm
  Geometric volume  92 cbm
  Payload  31 300 kg
  Tare weight  6 700 kg
  Loading length  13 827 mm
  Loading width  2 550 mm
  Loading height  4 000 mm
  Loading platform length  13 620 mm
  Loading platform width  2 480 mm
  Rear doors height  2 600 mm
  Height of the loading space up to roof crossmember  2 700 mm
  Height of the loading space side view  2 650 mm
  Platfotm height  1 270 mm
  Tires  385/65 R22,5


Among Russian competitors, the new curtain sided semitrailer Gr-CSSt "MARATHONER" stands out with high specifications:
with a body weight of 6 700 kg the semitrailer is capable to carry loads up to 31 000 kg, internal useful volume of semitrailer is 91.8 m3, internal loading height is 2 700 mm under the size of a Euro pallet. In comparison with European brands, the semitrailer is adapted for high operating loads and has a heavy-duty frame with heavy-duty European axles, diode electrics in ADR performance and telematic system.


The frame of Gr-CSSt "MARATHONER" is a joint development of Grunwald engineers and leading design bureau from Germany, well-known for its high level of competence and innovative technical solutions. A new frame is haracterized by the smaller height of the rib of longeron in combination with the increased number of cross-beams, a new side profile and high technology during assembly. Shelves of longerons are made of Swedish steel and welded on both sides. Most of the work is performed with welding machines and semi-automatic machines in an argon environment, making the seam resistant to low temperatures.


Three axles BPW ALII HD ECO+2 or SAF Custom Design. Both units with disc brakes and heavy-duty for Russian road conditions. Axles with a carrying capacity 9 tons each have a three-year warranty without mileage limitation. In the standard set brake system TEBS-E Standard of WABCO production.

Telematics system T-Control is installed on semitrailer in configuration with BPW axles. The system is able to track the location of a semitrailer, axle loads, speed, mileage, brake system and status of  EBS cable.


The construction of the superstructure is combined. Removable stanchions and the portal are made of steel, and the
construction of the roof, sides and door are made of anodized aluminium. This allows significantly reduce the
superstructure weight and increase lifetime. Drop sides have become more reliable and simple to operate thanks to vertical
locks. As a result of careful selection of suppliers, all the aluminum in a new trailer – Russian production.


The quality of the painting of Grunwald semitrailers meets the requirements of the ISO standard for severe climatic conditions. The key to long-term protection against corrosion – thorough preparation of surfaces before painting. Therefore, all steel parts are shot blasted twice. In the first stage, the metal undergoes a rough purification, the second stage blasting before painting is already fully assembled metal construction.
Painting is made by modern technology paints based on epoxy and polyurethane basis. All used materials are manufactured in Europe and of high quality that allows to use semitriler in harsh conditions. Quality control service controls all technological stages of the process.


You can change the standard configuration semitrailer under specific conditions:

  • the increased height of the fifth wheel to 1250 mm or 1350 mm;
  • aluminum sides height of 800 or 1000 mm;
  • the holes for stanchions and the set of stanchions;
  • front/rear axle lift;
  • information block SMARTBOARD. The unit allows to obtain information about the axle load, the mileage of the semitrailer and the condition of the brake system;
  • pallet box on 24 europallet;
  • Michelin XTE3 tyres on reinforced H. Lemmerz wheels.


Grunwald semitrailers were certified by Gosstandart of the Russian Federation in accordance with the latest UNECE


The warranty period for the semitrailer is 12 months from the date of sale. Warranty for axis unit is 3 years without
mileage limitation.